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Brian has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He started as an ACE certified personal trainer and then received his degree from UW Platteville in Physical Education/ Health Promotion. Brian has worked with over 1000 clients in his career ranging in ages from 9 to 94, from all walks of life. He has trained people who have never exercised in their lives to elite athletes. Brian's passion is truly helping people achieve their goals and educating individuals on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Brian was a football and track and field athlete in high school. He knew from early on that he was going to be helping people exercise in some form or another. During college he traveled the country racing mountain bikes. He also has first hand experience training under Grandmaster Ron VanBrowning in boxing.

As we get older, priorities shift and we dont make time for ourselves. Brian will design your workout and help you achieve your goals as quickly as possibly while staying healthy because he understands the value of time.

Brian focuses very much on nutrition and nutrition timing to achieve optimum health. Through his experience he has discovered that what you eat is just as important to your health as your exercise routine. You will often hear him use analogies such as "you wouldn't put bad gas in your vehicle, so why would you put bad food in your body?" Or "Do you want to perform like a fine tuned racing machine or a rusty old Pinto?" Brian realizes that we are not perfect, that is why he practices the 80/20 rule. Eat right 80% of the time and allow yourself 2-3 meals per week to enjoy your comfort food.

Stop procrastinating! Make today the day you start turning your fitness goals & dreams into a reality.

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